Whois data validation

Following on from the blog post made about the upcoming Whois data validation changes, Netregistry will be introducing the following changes to our registration, transfer and contact update processes.

Whenever a customer requests a registration, transfer or update contract details for a gTLD domain, the email and postal addresses are required to be validated within 15 days. If validation is not made, the domain will be suspended until approval is made.

Email address validation

Domain registrants will receive validation emails through our whitelabel email system. All of the emails include a link that the registrant must click on to complete the validation. The following emails will be sent as needed:

  1. Initial - The first email sent to the domain owner or contact owner
  2. Day 5 - Second reminder of the required approval (same as initial)
  3. Day 10 - Third email reminder sent about the required approval (same as initial)
  4. Day 15 - Final reminder email sent
  5. Day 16 - An email is sent outlining the domain suspension and causes

For the registration and transfer requests, the current registrant name holder for the domain will be notified of the request and will be required to approve it. For updates of contact details, the current listed contact email address will be used for approval. This means that if you are updating an email address on a gTLD domain contact, the old email address will be required for approval. If the email address listed is not valid or resolving, the current account email address can be used to send the required approval to. Our support teams also have the ability to request for the account email address to be used and also the ability to resend current requests.

Postal address validation

The registrar must also verify all addresses entered for domain Whois details as being valid. For an address to be valid the following criteria must be met; street exists in the city, city exists in the state, state exists in the country and postcode exists in the country. Addresses will be automatically validated at the time of entry followed by a manual verification process.

For more information about the policy requirements for the 2013 RAA itself, see the following links: