I’ve registered the wrong domain! What do I do?

Once a domain name registration has been requested, Webcentral contacts the applicable internet domain name registry to determine if the site is available, and then registers the domain on the behalf of the customer (known as the registrant). Provided the information appears correct, the registry will lock the domain to the registrant, according to the registration time. e.g. (.com.au are valid for 2 years). This process happens automatically according to the established rules of the applicable registry.

Unfortunately, the registration process cannot determine if the spelling of the domain was intended or not. In fact, many customers deliberately misspell a domain name to cater to the spelling abilities of a wide range of internet users, on top of registering their own accurate domain name.

Therefore, due to the nature of domain name registrations, refunds for incorrectly registered domain names cannot be considered and registrations cannot be reversed. This policy is also included in the Webcentral Terms and Conditions and customer are advised to be certain of their domain name purchases, during the registration process.

In any such case where the domain name was incorrectly registered, you will need to submit a completely new registration for the correct domain name.

Under what conditions will Webcentral offer a refund?

The only circumstance in which Webcentral will refund a registration fee is if the registration was performed by a Webcentral representative and was mistyped by them.

My circumstances don't meet the criteria outlined in the Terms and Conditions.

In any circumstance, Webcentral is happy to review your individual case, and we ask that you contact the team regarding your refund request by reaching out via the Contact Us tab on our website webcentral.com.au/contact-us. Please include as much information as possible citing your circumstance and reasons for requesting such a refund. Webcentral management will review all requests on a case-by-case basis and may propose an appropriate solution or alternative.