How to log in and use Professional Email (including signatures, calendars and tasks)

As well as being able to add your Professional Email account to your devices such as your iPhone, iPad, tablet, Android, Mac or PC - you can also use Professional Email online. You can access your mail, calendar, contacts, tasks, and more from your web browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox etc.).

This article will show you how to:

How to log in to Professional Email

After you've created your email, you can log in to Professional Email through your web browser by using your email address and password. Follow the below steps to log in:

  1. Click here to go to the Professional Email login portal
  2. Under User name, type in your email address
  3. Under Password, type in your password
  4. You can tick or untick the box Stay signed in

This means that after you close your browser, you will NOT be signed out and can return to it later, on the same device, without having to sign in again. This can be useful to save time but also poses a security risk if other people use your device.

  1. Click Sign in

login to webmail.png

How to log in to Professional Email through your Webcentral account

You can also log in to Professional Email through your Webcentral account. Follow the below steps to log in:

  1. Log in to your Webcentral account
  2. Click Manage, next to your domain with Professional Email

2 click manage.png

  1. Click OX MAIL

Click OX mail.png

  1. Under Email Accounts, click Login

You'll also find your email password, just click the eye icon to reveal it 1 EYE.png

1 click login.png

  1. You are now logged in to Professional Email. From here you can send and receive emails, access your calendar, contacts, tasks, and more

How to add Professional Email to your phone and tablet's home screen

To help you quickly access your Professional Email online, you can add it to your phone and tablet's home screen. Click here to see our guide on how to do this on an Android and iPhone/iPad.

home screen.jpg

How to send an email

  1. In Professional Email, click Compose

Click compose.png

  1. Compose your email

You can add attachments from your computer or drive by clicking either attach file.png

Compose your email.png

  1. Click Send

If you're not ready to send your email and want to continue editing it later, you can click the minimize button

click minimize.png

You can return to editing your email by clicking it on the bottom left of your screen or double-clicking the email in Drafts

drafts and bottom of screen.png

How to set up a signature

  1. Click Settings cog.png
  2. Click Mail to reveal more options
  3. Click Signatures

Click signatures.png

  1. Click + Add new signature

Click add new signatures.png

  1. Fill in the details to create your signature

Add sigature.png

You can hyperlink text or add an image with these buttons huperlink and add mage.png

  1. You can edit or delete this signature from the Signatures menu in Settings

Edit or delete signatures.png

How to use the calendar

  1. Click the calendar icon calendar icon.png


  1. To book an appointment, double-click on a time slot or click and drag your mouse to book a longer appointment

drag timefra,e.png

  1. Fill in the details

Sales meeting.png

  1. Click Create

You have now created an appointment and any participants will have this added to their Professional Email calendars as well.

  1. To view the appointment details, edit them, or delete the appointment, click on the scheduled appointment in your calendar

edit appointment.png

How to add a task

You can create tasks to easily manage and track your to-do list. To create a task follow the below steps:

  1. Click the app menu menu.png
  2. Click Tasks


  1. You can view and edit your existing tasks and create new ones

new task.png

  1. When creating a new task, you can keep it simple and just type the Subject and Description

subject and description.png

Or you can click Expand form to include more details such as start and end dates, reminders, set the status and priority, update its progress, invite participants and more.

expanded fields.png

  1. Click Create

You can quickly edit, set a due date, mark as done and delete existing tasks.

1 edit exisiting task.png