Microsoft Email to Professional Email Migration FAQ

Why am I being migrated to Professional Email?

Because you are using a Microsoft Email Essentials license you are being migrated to Professional Email. Microsoft has decided to stop supporting the Email Essentials license. In order to ensure your email accounts continues to work, we are migrating our customers onto our own Professional Email service.

What do I need to do?

We will create your professional email account and move all your emails into it. If you access your email on your device via a mail client (such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc.), then you will need to add your new Professional Email account using our server settings (click here to check out our setup guides).

What about my calendars and contacts? will they be migrated?

Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to migrate your Microsoft calendars and contacts to Professional Email for you. However, there are instructions to help you back these up and migrate them yourself. We will send you an email 14, 7, and then 2 days before your migration, giving you time to back them up. Once we’ve created your Professional Email account, you can add it to your device and then import your calendars and contacts. Click here to see Microsoft's guides on exporting and importing contacts and calendars.

I only access my emails online through, do I need to add Professional Email to my device?

No. If you only want to access your emails online and don't want to add them to your device's mail client, then you can log straight in to Professional Email (click here to see our guide on how to log in to Professional Email).

Will you change my email account's name?

No. We will recreate the exact same email accounts that you have with Microsoft.

When am I being Migrated?

We will email you 14, 7, and then 2 days before the migration with more details. We will contact the primary email address on your Webcentral account. Please check if your contact details are up to date (check out this video on how to navigate your account).

Does this change the price of my email?

No. You will continue to pay the same price.

When I check my Webcentral account it says OX Mail, what is that?

OX Mail is Professional Email. OX stands for Open-Xchange and is an open-source email platform. This means companies like us can use OX Mail to provide the perfect email and productivity apps for our customers.

Are there any other benefits to being migrated to Professional Email?

Yes. For our customers being migrated, we are giving you the highest Professional Email plan - Email Deluxe. This gives you access to:

  • 50GB email storage (Email Essentials only has 15GB)
  • Shared online calendars
  • Tasks (to-do-list)
  • Cloud storage

Will my Microsoft emails continue to work after I've been migrated?

No. After we've migrated you over to Professional Email your Microsoft emails will stop working and all emails will now arrive in your Professional Email inbox. You won't miss a single email but you will need to access them through Professional Email.

Do I have to be migrated to Professional Email?

No. If you want to keep using Microsoft you can buy one of our other plans that Microsoft is not discontinuing (such as Microsoft Email Deluxe, Online Business Basic, and Business Professional). At the moment Microsoft Email Deluxe is not on our website - but you can still purchase it in your Webcentral account, click here to see how. Please let us know if you do NOT want to be migrated and we can remove you from the migration list and help set you up on your new Microsoft plan (click here for our contact details).


If you have any questions about the migration, please contact us (click here).