WordPress FAQ

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source application used to easily build websites. It has loads of features, including a plug-in architecture and template system, and is one of the most widely used Content Management and Blogging application used today.

How do I install WordPress?

WordPress can be downloaded at wordpress.org and installed manually or installed by using one of our application installers.

How can I log into WordPress?

Depending on the directory you install WordPress into, the path to the login page is typically

http://www.your-domain.tld/wp-login.php or http://www.your-domain.tld/sub-directory/wp-login.php

I've forgotten my WordPress password. How can I reset it?

On the WordPress login page, there is a Lost your password? link. If you've forgotten your password, we recommend you click on that link and follow the steps provided. If this isn't helpful, we recommend reading through the resetting your password article published by WordPress.

Can you teach me how to use WordPress?

Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to train our customers in how to use this software. WordPress is an open source and free application that runs on our servers but is not developed or supported by us. For assistance with how to use WordPress, we recommend visiting these links:

I'm having a problem with the Akismet plugin for WordPress, can you help me fix it?

Due to the nature of our Cloud Hosting infrastructure, the Akismet plugin for WordPress sometimes has difficultly making an outside connection. If you are encountering this problem, please read through our Firewall problem with Akismet plugin for WordPress article for assistance.

My WordPress website keeps getting hacked. How can I stop this?

WordPress is one of the most popular open source software packages used by website owners globally. It’s $0 price tag drives the success of this application among the internet community, however it’s Open Source nature additionally drives a huge community of Hackers to exploit the software by finding vulnerabilities in the code of the application. Please read through our WordPress security tips article for assistance on how to secure your WordPress installation.

How do I move a WordPress installation to another directory or server?

Instructions on how to migrate WordPress from one directory or server to another are available directly from WordPress in their Moving WordPress support article.

If you don't feel comfortable migrating your WordPress website yourself, contact our staff for a quote, we can move your blog between directories or from external servers to ours. A professional service fee will apply as this type of service falls outside the scope of our free support. Email support with your one off code, details about where you want the website migrated from and to and also a request for a quote for this service. A staff member will review your request and provide you a quote for the work via email.

How do I enable search engine friendly URLs in WordPress?

WordPress users can manage the URL structure of their pages via the Settings > Permalinks menu.

Further information regarding optimising WordPress for search engines is available within the WordPress codex.

How do I uninstall WordPress?

To uninstall WordPress, you need to connect to your WordPress site using a FTP client or File Manager in cPanel. Then you need to delete all WordPress files.