Dedicated SSL FAQ

I've purchased an SSL for the wrong domain name, can I get a refund?

We aren't able to refund SSL certificate purchases. Once the order form is completed and the SSL certificate has been approved via the order confirmation link, the order is final and non refundable.

How do I reissue an SSL certificate?

If you have purchased an SSL certificate for the correct domain but need it to be reissued due to changing server environments, you may reissue your certificate directly through GeoTrust. The reissue form can be found in the GeoTrust support area.

How do I check if my SSL certificate has been installed?

To check if an SSL certificate has been installed on the server your website is hosted on, you can use an online SSL checker to perform a look up against your domain name. If an SSL certificate is not installed, the SSL checker will tell you so.

Can I use an SSL from a 3rd party on my Cloud Hosting?

We don't accept the installation of third party SSL certificates on our Cloud Hosting environment. If you want to use an SSL certificate on your website and you are currently hosted on our Cloud Hosting server environment, you must purchase your SSL certificate through us by calling or emailing our sales team.

I've purchased an SSL certificate for my cPanel from a third party, can you install it for me?

We are able to install third party SSL certificates on our cPanel Hosting environment and you should consult our support staff if you have an SSL certificate that you wish to use on your cPanel Hosting account. You can also try installing the certificate yourself using these instructions.

You may need a dedicated IP address to go with your certificate, if you do you can purchase one through our sales team.