How to add your Professional Email account to Windows Mail

Important: Professional Email needs to be added to your device as IMAP or POP. It is not compatible with Exchange.

If you have been migrated from Microsoft Email Essentials to Professional Email, you will need to migrate your calendars and contacts manually. Please check out Microsoft's guides on exporting and importing contacts and calendars.

You can add your Professional Email account to Windows Mail.

Our recommended settings are:

Add your email to Windows Mail

  1. Open Windows Mail
  2. Click Accounts
  3. Click + Add account

3 click accoount edited.png

  1. Click Advanced setup

4 advanced setup edited.png

  1. Click Internet email

5 internet email edited.png

  1. Under Email address, type in your email address
  2. Under User name, type in your email address again
  3. Under Password, enter your password

If you have forgotten your password, click here to find it in your Webcentral account.

  1. Under Account name, name this account (e.g. your email address or name)
  2. Under Send your message using this name, type in whatever you want customers to see as the sender (e.g. your name or business)
  3. Under Incoming email server, type in
  4. Under Account type, select the type of account you want to add

We recommend IMAP4 as this will sync all your devices together.

  1. Under Outgoing (SMTP) email server, type in
  2. Leave all the options ticked
  3. Click Sign in

6 details filled in edited.png

  1. Click Done

It may take a few minutes for all your emails to arrive.

7 done edited.png