Why isn’t my domain name working?

Is it down for everyone, or just you?

The first thing to do when you can't load your website is to work out whether the issue lies with the website itself; or if it's specific to your Internet connection, computer or web browser.

Visit isup.me to see if it’s "just you" experiencing issues, or if your website is really down.

If isup.me shows that the issue is "just you", clear your browser cache, delete temporary Internet files and restart your web browser.

You can also try accessing your website using another computer, laptop, tablet or even your phone. If using your phone, use mobile data to visit your website, to ensure it’s not your Internet connection or ISP interfering with your access to your website.

If this service shows your website as "down for everyone", continue to the next step.

Are your zone records set up correctly?

Your zone records point to your main website, mail server and subdomains, among other things.

Most customers don't need to edit their zone records, however in some cases changes are required - for instance, if your domain registration and web hosting are with different providers.

To check your zone records are correct, you can use the What's My DNS tool. Enter your domain and test your "A" record for your main website, "MX" record for your mail server, or "CNAME" record for a subdomain.

If your website, email and domain are all hosted through us, you can use the following support pages to ensure your zone records are correct:

If your zone records are set up correctly, continue to the next step.

Is there an error in your website's code?

It could be a coding error that is stopping your website from loading correctly. Unfortunately, this is outside the scope of our support. Please contact your web developer if you think this is the reason your website is down.

If there is no coding error, continue to the next step.

None of the above?

If you have tried everything in this troubleshooter and your website is still down, please contact support and we will look into your issue. When submitting a support ticket, attach a screenshot of the error message that appears on your website’s page, as this can help us identify the issue and resolve your issue faster.