Why isn’t my email working?

To begin working out why your email isn't working, please close all access to your email on every computer or device associated with an email account on your domain (including any staff members who use the domain as part of their business email). This includes email clients (such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple Mail), web browsers, and mobile or tablet devices with email access. You will need to keep these turned off for the duration of the troubleshooter.

You can also attempt to troubleshoot your emails yourself using our troubleshooter below.


Can you log into webmail?

You can access your webmail by visiting http://webmail.netregistry.net or http://webmail.yourdomain.com (replace "yourdomain" with your domain name).

If you cannot log into webmail, first ensure your password is correct. You can reset your password by following the instructions on the support article: Updating your email password.

If you are sure your password is correct, and you still cannot log in, then your IP address may be blocked. You will need to contact Webcentral customer support so we can unblock it.

If your password is correct, and your IP address is not blocked, continue to the next step.

Is your email client configured correctly?

If you can log into webmail, but are still not able to send and receive email elsewhere, the email configuration in your email client or device may be incorrect.

View step by step instructions on how to configure popular email clients.

If your email client is configured correctly, continue to the next step.

Are your MX records set up correctly?

MX records are a type of zone record on your domain name that connect your domain to the server used to send and receive your email.

Most customers don't need to edit their zone records, however in some cases changes are required - for instance, if your domain registration and email hosting are with different providers.

To test your MX records, you can use the What's My DNS tool. Enter your domain and select "MX". Check that the MX records set on your domain match the settings that your email host provides. If you have hosting with Netregistry, you can find these settings in the support article: Creating MX zone records.

If your MX records are set up correctly, continue to the next step.

Is the mail server down?

To determine if this is the case, you will need to go to the company with whom you have web or email hosting. This may be, but is not necessarily, the same company with whom your domain is registered.

If you have Netregistry web or email hosting, you can check the Service Alerts to see if there is a current email issue.

If the mail server is up, continue to the next step.

None of the above?

If you have tried everything in this troubleshooter and are still unable to send and receive email, please contact support and we will look into your issue.