WordPress Toolkit - Managing Plugins and Themes

WordPress Toolkit - Managing Plugins and Themes

Our WordPress Hosting plans have The WordPress Toolkit plugin which is a simple interface, enabling you to easily install, update, backup, and manage your WordPress. The WordPress Toolkit in cPanel is designed so that you manage your WordPress installation, however, you will still need to login to your WordPress site to create content and publish updated pages/posts. For support on the basic usage of WordPress, please see their official article below.


Managing your WordPress Plugins and Themes

The WordPress Toolkit in cPanel allows for a simple interface to manage your WordPress sites, plugins, and themes.

Managing your WordPress Plugins

The Plugins tab in the WordPress Toolkit lets you easily select single or multiple plugins. From there you can select to Activate, Deactivate, Uninstall and Update them.

Themes and Plugins

Installing a new plugin

You can also search for new plugins and install them on your WordPress website by clicking Install. If you have downloaded a plugin as a .zip file, the Upload option will allow you to install it.

Managing your WordPress Themes

The WordPress Toolkit allows you to easily manage your themes. This includes installing, activating, uninstalling, updating, and uploading them. Just select an existing theme, then you can click Activate, Uninstall or Update.

Installing and Uploading new WordPress Themes

The Themes tab will allow you to install new themes and if you have the .zip theme file you can also upload them as well.

Install New themes

Once the new theme has been uploaded or installed you can then click Activate to set it live.