How to redirect your domain to another website using cPanel

To redirect your domain to another website using cPanel's redirection service, follow the below guide.

  1. Log in to cPanel
  2. Under Domains, click Redirects

1 click redirect.png

  1. Under Type, select Permanent (301) or Temporary (302)
  • Permanent (301) — Use this option if you are permanently redirecting your website
  • Temporary (302) — Use this option if you are temporarily redirecting your website

2 select type.png

  1. Under https?://(www.)?, select the domain you want to redirect or select **All Public Domains** to redirect all of the domains in your cPanel account

4 select domain.jpg

  1. To keep things simple, leave the / (forward slash) section blank as this will redirect your entire domain to another website.

If you only want to redirect a particular page of your domain's website, enter the folder/file into the / (forward slash section)

5 forward slash.png

  1. Under Redirects to, type in the web address of the website you want your customer to be taken to when they search your domain name

you can redirect using http:// or https:// or ftp://

6 rediects to.png

  1. Under www. redirection:, select the option that fits your needs

We recommend Redirect with or without www. as this will redirect both your and your

7 redirect with or without www.png

  1. You can leave the Wild Card Redirect unticked

If you want to redirect all files in a directory to the same filename in a new directory, then you should choose the Wild Card Redirect option. For instance, if you have enabled Wild Card Redirect and redirects to, then someone searching "," will be redirected to ""

8 wildcard.png

  1. Click Add

You have now redirected your domain name

9 click add.png

You can view and delete your redirections under Current Redirects

10 current redirects.png