How to build and publish your website using Website Builder

Website Builder gives you the tools to build a website that's right for your business.

This article will show you:

  1. How to log in to Website Builder
  2. How to start building your website
  3. How to customise your website
  4. How to connect your domain to your website
  5. How to publish your website

1. How to log in to Website Builder

  1. Log in to your Webcentral account
  2. Click Manage next to your domain

2 click manage.png

  1. Click Log in to Sitebuilder

3 click log into sitebuilder.png


  1. Under cPanel Hosting, click Website Builder
  2. Click Log into Website Builder

log into website builder.png

2. How to start building your website

  1. Select your favourite template

After you have selected a template you will be shown a preview of the website. You can check out what it looks like on a computer, tablet, and phone - have a click around and see if it's right for you

1 select template.png

  1. When you've found the right one, click Use this template

Use this template.png

  1. You can now choose to complete (Get started) or skip the onboarding (Skip onboarding)

3 onboarding edited.png

We recommend completing the onboarding as this will ask for some basic information about your site and business which will be added to your chosen template (e.g. your company logo, address, and contact email and phone number)

3 business details filled in.png

  1. After completing or skipping the onboarding, you will be shown a quick tutorial on some of the basic features of Website Builder


  1. You can now start to customise your website

TIP: If you want to change your template, click the menu icon Hamburger menu.PNG and then click Settings and in GENERAL scroll to the bottom and select Switch Template (or Reset site if you want to start again)

switch or reset.png

3. How to customise your website

Your website pages are laid out into different sections called blocks. Blocks are used to add text, images, videos, forms, music, contacts, and much more. You can edit each block of your website. Just click what you want to change and customise it to your liking.

Edit text.gif

Use the menu at the top of the page to add and edit additional website pages, change the navigation of your website, change the design, and more.

navigation bar.png

Add additional pages

  1. Click Pages
  2. You can select the page you want to edit or add pages by clicking the + (plus) button

1 add pages.png

  1. Under Page template, select the type of page you want to add

Select Empty Page for a blank template

  1. Under Page name, name the page

E.g., Contact Us, About, Products etc.

1 add pages name it.png

If you get a message saying Upgrade required,it means you have reached your page limit or are trying to access a feature that does not come with this DIY plan. You can click Upgrade Now to go to our website and purchase another DIY plan.

limit reached upgrade.png

Navigate and edit pages

  1. Click Pages
  2. Click on the page you want to edit

You can also quickly set pages as the homepage 2 set as home page.png, copy the page copy.png, edit the name, code and SEO setting.png, and delete it 2 delete.png.

2 navigate between pages.png

Change the flow of your website

Customise how your customers will navigate your website and create drop-down menus to neatly organise your pages.

  1. Click the Navigation menuor click the Navigation block and click Navigation settings navigation settings.png
  2. Drag the page over the top of another and release
  3. Click Submit

That page can now be accessed via a drop-down menu

Untitled Project.gif

Change your website's colour

You can customise your website's colour scheme which will apply to the:

  • Website and block background
  • Block titles and subtitles
  • Links
  • Icons
  • Social media icons
  • Dark and light block background settings

To change the colour of your website:

  1. Click Design
  2. Select a pre-existing colour palette

3 colour.png

You can edit each palette by clicking Settings...

3 edit palette.png

...selecting the colour you want to change...

3 select colour.png

...then select the colour and click Submit

3 customise colour.png

Change your website's font

  1. Click Design
  2. Click Fonts
  3. Select a font
  4. Click Save

4 select font.png

Add additional blocks

To ensure your website is unique and best presents your brand or image, use custom blocks. Adding text, images, videos, forms, music, contacts and much more to your website provides your visitors with an engaging experience that will keep their attention for longer.

  1. Click the + (plus) button

5 add blocks.png

  1. Select the block you want from the Blocks Library

You can create your own Custom block as well

5 block library.png

  1. Select the style of block

5 style of bloxk.png

  1. The block has now been added to your website and can be customised

5 added.png

Click the menu for additional options

You can use the menu menu.png to access more options such as Settings, the Online Store, and Analytics (your website must be published to use analytics).

side menu.png

Online Store

If you have a plan that includes the online store (check out our website for our available plans) you can access the Online Store in the menu. This will take you to the Store management page. Follow the helpful To-do list to get your online store up and running.

1 greetings.png

To go back to Website Builder, click Back to editor in the top left corner of the screen.

2 back to editor.png

4. How to connect your domain to your website

Before publishing your website, make sure your domain is connected to your website hosting service (cPanel). Otherwise, your website won't load when people search for it. Click here for a handy guide on how to do this.

5. How to publish your website

  1. When you're ready to publish your site click Publish, in the top right corner of the screen

Click Publish.png

  1. It may take a few minutes for your site to be published

1 publish screen edited.png

  1. Your site is now published on cPanel and live for the world to see

1 published 2 edited.png