How to update your account contact information

Update your account contact information online

You can update your contact information in your account.

  1. Log into your Webcentral account
  2. Click on the Account tab
  3. Click Edit in the Account details section
  4. Update your contact details
  5. Click Update contact details

If you have forgotten your password or are having trouble logging in, you can request a password assistance email. The password assistance email can only be sent to the email address saved on the account. If this email address is not accessible, a support request can be raised with our customer care team requesting an update of account details.

Update your account contact information over the phone

Our customer care team can update your account contact information over the phone. However, before we can make any changes to your account we need to verify your access to it. All over the phone account updates require verbal verification which can be any of the below three options:

  • A six-digit support code located in your account
  • An SMS security code sent to the mobile phone on your account
  • The Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) passphrase, which is created when you set up MFA in your account

Update your account contact information with a support request

If you want to update your account contact information but are not able to log into your account and cannot be authenticated via the above methods, you will need to submit a support request with a photo ID and/or relevant supporting documentation.

When sending your request please have the subject as below.

Update contact details: domain (replace this with your domain name)

We will need the following as part of your request.

Account reference:
Updated contact email:
Any update of phone numbers:
Any update of postal address:
Government-issued photo identification attached: eg Drivers license

If necessary, our customer care team will ask you for any additional documentation.

Update your domain contact information

When updating your account information, you may also need to update your domain contact information. Please see our support article Update domain WHOIS contact details for more information on how to do this.