Update Regarding Changes to our Microsoft Services (the New Commerce Experience)

The New Commerce Experience is here

Microsoft has updated its subscription management platform to the New Commerce Experience which is designed to simplify and streamline how you buy from Microsoft and its partners (like Webcentral) and to offer more options for tailoring these purchases to your business needs.

But how will this impact you?

The way you manage your Microsoft 365 licenses, in your Webcentral account, will remain the same. This change primarily affects the billing and license type you have.

The most important impacts this will have on your current or future Microsoft subscriptions are:

  • At a future date, yet to be announced by Microsoft, your **Microsoft 365 Email Essentials licenses will NOT renew as Microsoft is stopping support for this service. You will need to switch to an alternative email plan.

  • Customers using Microsoft Email Essentials will be migrated to our new Professional Email service (powered by Open-Xchange) at no additional cost - this is to ensure you continue to have a functioning email service at the same price. We will email you closer to your scheduled migration date with more details - you can also check out our FAQ here.

  • If you want to keep using Microsoft emails, you can check out our available plans on our website. After buying an alternative Microsoftlicense,you will need to log in to your Webcentral account and change the license assigned to your existing Microsoft email - click here to see how to do this. Then cancel your Microsoft Email Essentials license - click here to see how to cancel services.

  • If you only have Microsoft Business Basic or Business Standard licenses,you do NOT need to do anything. You are now automatically being managed on the New Commerce Experience and can continue using your licenses, just like before.

  • You may cancel your Microsoft 365 subscription at any time in the first 168 hours (7 days) from the time of purchase, which includes renewals. If Webcentral receives your cancellation request in the first 7 days from the time of purchase, we will issue a refund to your original payment method on a prorated basis. 100% of the charges are refunded in the first 24 hours, the full amount minus 1 day’s charge in the second 24-hour period, the full amount minus 2 days charges in the third 24-hour period, and so on up to 168 hours.]

  • For example, if you purchase or renew any of our Microsoft 365 products on 01/07/22 at 12:00 you have until 08/07/22 at 11:59 to cancel it and request a refund.

  • You can ask for a refund by submitting a ticket to our customer care team - click here to submit a ticket. Please include your domain name and Webcentral account support code to help us action your request sooner.

If you have any questions...

Please contact us any time via phone, chat, or submit an enquiry online.