Getting Started with Website Security

How to log in and get started with Website Security

  1. Log in to your Webcentral account
  2. Click Manage, next to your domain

2 click manage.png

  1. Click Website Security

3 click website security.png

  1. Click Log into Website Security interface

4 click log into website security.png

A new tab will open and the SiteLock webpage will load.

What is SiteLock? Webcentral's Website Security product is powered by SiteLock, an award-winning website security monitoring service that has protected millions of websites since 2008.

  1. Scroll to the end of the Terms of Service and tick the box to confirm you have read them, and then click Proceed

5 accept the terms and conditions.png

  1. Select your domain from the drop-down menu

It will already be there as an option

6 select domain.png

  1. A Configuration Alert will appear, click Configure

6 select domain and configure with pointer.png

  1. You will need to enter your hosting's FTP details and then click Test Connection

Click here to see our guide on how to find your FTP details for cPanel, Cloud Hosting, and Windows Hosting

8 enter ftp.png

  1. Choose your root directory (this is where your website files are located)

For cPanel it's public_html

For Cloud Hosting It's / (forward slash)

9 this is it.png

  1. The SMART Wizard box will appear, click SMART Settings to continue the setup

10 Smart wizard.png

  1. From the drop-down menu, select whether you want the malware to be removed when detected or to just be notified about it, and then click Save

If you select No, Just warn me you will just be sent the report after the scan and the malware will not be removed. You can then decide to remove the malware yourself

If you select Yes, automatically remove the malware found you will be sent the report and the malware will be removed for you

11 select remove or not malware and click save.png

Manage Exclusions

There may be files that you do not want to be scanned. To manage exclusions:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click SMART Settings
  3. Click Manage Exclusions

12 Manage exlusions.png

  1. Choose specific files or file types & sizes, which you want to exclude from any scans
  2. Click Update

13 exlusion.png

You have now excluded these files from the scan

Navigating the SiteLock control panel

To help use your SiteLock control panel and understand the dashboard, click here to view our guide.