Locking or Unlocking Domain Names

GTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) such as .com and .net have the option to be “locked” - a domain status that prevents unwarranted domain transfers, nameserver updates, and contact updates. This is generally used to inhibit “domain hijacking”, or the unauthorised transfer of a domain - even if the requestor attempting to transfer the domain has the EPP code, they will be unable to transfer a locked domain.

To lock or unlock a domain name:

1Log in to your Webcentral account
2Select “manage” for the domain you wish to lock/unlock
3Select “Domain Name” on the left of the screen
4Select the button on the “Domain Status” row to either lock or unlock your domain

Success! You’ve unlocked or locked your domain, and can now update your nameservers, contact information, or transfer the
domain as you please. If any of these steps did not work for you, or you received an error in doing so, please contact customer support here.