Domain Registration Certificates

A certificate of domain registration is a document issued by Webcentral (an auDA and iCANN accredited registrar) when a new domain name is registered through us. The certificate includes the name of the domain and the initial registration term.

To download your certificate of domain registration:

  1. Log in to your Webcentral account
  2. Click Manage next to your domain


  1. Click Domain Name

Domain Name.png

  1. Click Download Domain Certificate of Registration (PDF)

This will download the certificate as a PDF onto your device.


Why do you provide certificates of registration and what can I use them for?

A domain can only be registered to one person (or entity) at a time. It is one-of-a-kind. Your domain certificate of registration is a great way to show off your domain.

auDA, the regulatory body for .au domain names, requires that we (Wecentral) generate a certificate for every .au domain name registration through us. However, the certificate is not a legal document to prove ownership of a domain name. The legal owner of a domain is reflected in the relevant domain name registry. In the case of .au domains, the registrant would be the entity listed in the Afilias database, as viewable in a whois search.


When do I get a certificate of registration?

Certificates of domain registration are only issued to Webcentral customers when a new domain name is registered through us. Certificates of registration are not issued after transferring your existing domain to Webcentral, or when you renew your domain.

I changed the registrant on my domain name, can you give me a new certificate of registration?

If the domain ends in .au, you will need to complete the registrant name change process, after which a new certificate of registration will be created - as a registrant name change includes reregistering your domain name for 1 year. This new certificate will reflect the new registrant (owner) of the domain. You can find your certificate by following the instructions at the beginning of this article.

I’m trying to purchase an SSL certificate, and the company from whom I am purchasing the SSL requires a certificate of domain registration in a different name – can you do this?

Webcentral can only issue you with the original certificate of registration of the domain name. We are unable to issue a certificate stating a domain is registered to a company when the domain is registered to an individual or entity other than what appears on the original certificate of registration. You can complete the registrant name change process to reregister the domain under the new owner's name.