What are my Login Details?

The below information details the types of passwords that may be required when accessing any Webcentral service. Click the following available links for information relating to passwords:

Account / Admin Level Console
From within the Admin level of the Console, you can manage all of your domains, services, billing and account contact details. Your account / admin level details should NOT be provided to any unauthorised users in your office or home.

Domain Level Console
The Domain level login of the Console limits you to making changes to that specific domain name alone. This is the login to use if you want to manage just one domain, give access to your web designer/developer or another person for a specific purpose. Billing and contact information cannot be accessed or edited using this login.

Please Click Here to view our support page on where to find your domain level console login details.

Email Account
Your email password is specific to a single email account. Your password is generally used to access the email account via an email client such as Outlook, mobile phones or webmail service.

FTP Password
Your FTP password provides direct access to a hosted domain server. It allows for the transfer of web pages, graphics and files via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to the web hosting server, which are generally made available for viewing over the internet.

Domain Password
Your domain password is different to your domain level login information. This password allows for the transfer of a domain name between registrars or to change ownership of a domain name. The domain password is sometimes known as an Auth code, Auth info code, EPP code/password or domain transfer password.

Unless you have a specific requirement to do so, all passwords should only be made available to those entrusted to make modifications to your domain, and should always be changed after any official work has been completed.