Domain Auto-Renewal

domain name auto-renewal explained

What is domain auto-renewal?

Webcentral offers an “auto-renewal” feature to safely renew your domain before your registration expires. This helps ensure your domain, and any associated services like your website or emails, remain active without interruption, and your domain does not become available for someone else to register. Auto-renewal is the default options for all domain names unless the domain has been specifically switched to manual renewal.

How does auto-renewal work?

Auto-renewal works by processing your payment and re-registering your domain 7 days before your registration is due to expire. The primary payment method on your account will be used to process the renewal payment.

We'll send an email reminder 33 days before we renew it (which is 40 days before the domain is due to expire) to remind you the date is coming up, and give you time to manage your account before we process the renewal. The renewal reminder will also include the term with which your domain will be renewed for (typically two years)

On the auto-renewal date, we'll notify you that the renewal has been paid for and the domain has been renewed. If there is any problem processing your payment we'll let you know by email as well, and you still have 7 days to make the payment without any interruption to your service.

Note that cancelling the auto-renew service after we've processed the renewal does not entitle you to a refund.

How do I manage my domain auto-renewal settings?

To manage your domain auto-renewal settings, follow the instructions below:

1Log in to your Webcentral account
2Select View a summary of all domains in the top right of the screen
3Toggle the auto-renew settings on the right of the screen

That's all it takes! When the toggle is set to 'on', your domain will automatically renew as usual. If the toggle is set to 'off', your domain will expire unless you choose to renew it manually.

If any of these steps did not work for you, or you received an error in doing so, please contact our customer care team here.