Transferring .uk Domain Names

.uk Transfer Process

  1. First, you'll need to update the IPS-TAG for your domain to MELBOURNE-IT. You will need to contact your existing registrar (the company you pay to keep the domain) and request that they change your IPS-TAG to Webcentral's, which is MELBOURNEIT-IT. This can usually only be completed by the registrar
  2. Submit a support enquiry (click here) requesting to transfer the domain to Webcentral
  3. Once the transfer request has been submitted, Webcentral will commence the transfer of the domain name
  4. When the Registry confirms the domain transfer has taken place (typically 5-7 business days), the domain name will appear in your account. You will then be charged for 2 years of registration, which is the minimum requirement for .uk domain transfers

Please note that a request for authorisation email is NOT required for .uk domain transfers.

If you have any questions please contact our care team via our Contact Us page.