Recover a domain from redemption

When a domain expires, domain owners typically have a 30 day grace period where the domain remains reserved for them to renew prior to lapsing. Once a domain lapses, it becomes available for re-registration by the public. For gTLD domains (domain ending in .com, .net, .org), prior to lapsing, a domain falls into what is referred to as a redemption period.

A domain falls into redemption after the 30 day grace period has finished but before the domain has lapsed and has become available to the public. During this redemption period, the domain name is still reserved for the original domain owner to renew however the price of renewal is higher due to the additional costs involved with recovering the domain out of redemption.

How do I prevent my domain from falling into redemption?

The safest way to prevent your domain name from falling into redemption is to turn on automatic domain renewals. If you are not comfortable with setting your domain to automatically renew, you will need to look out for our reminders and renew your domain name prior to expiry.

How do I recover my domain out from redemption?

If your domain name has fallen into redemption, please submit a request to our Customer Care team and include the following:

  • Domain Name
  • Account support code
  • Request to recover your domain from redemption
  • Your agreement to pay the domain redemption recovery fee

Please note: You will need to have a credit card saved on file in order for us to renew your domain name.

Cost of recovering a domain from redemption

In order to recover a domain name from redemption, you will need to pay an additional fee on top of the regular domain renewal fee. The total cost of recovering a domain from redemption is $220. This cost includes:

  • One year renewal of the domain name.
  • Recovering the domain out from redemption.

To avoid the additional cost of recovering a domain from redemption, we recommend customers make use of our domain auto-renewal feature.

What happens if I don't recover my domain from redemption?

When the domain redemption period ends, the domain will enter a pending delete period after which it will officially lapse and become available to the public for re-registration.

The chances of the original domain owner re-registering a popular domain name after it has lapsed is slim. If you wish to keep your domain name, we recommend you recover it from redemption then turn on automatic renewals moving forward.