How to use the widgets in the WebmailOX Portal

OX has a range of widgets that allow you to see an overview of your appointments and calendar, link up social media, keep an eye on your data useage and edit your display information.

Adding a widget

  1. Log into WebmailOX
  2. Along the top navigation bar, click Portal
  3. On the right hand side, click ‘Add widget’
  4. Select the widget you want to add from the drop down menu
  5. Click the widget to configure it

Rearranging the widgets

The widgets are set up as a drag and drop. All you need to do to move them around is to click and drag them across the screen. To remove one, click the X in the right hand corner of the widget you want to remove.

Editing your user/display/contact information

The ‘User Data’ widget allows you to edit your display information – just install the widget as per the instructions above and then click ‘My Contact Data’ in the middle of the widget.

You can upload an image here, as well as edit your contact details and your job title. Please keep in mind that the ‘Title’ box is the name that is displayed when someone receives your emails, and not the place to put your title (Mr, Ms, Mrs, Dr, etc).