Domain Name Admin FAQ

You can access your domain name at any time in your Webcentral account. Within your account, you can renew, transfer, register, delegate and maintain your domain name, as well as update contact details.

How do I change the name servers for my domain?

To delegate a domain name to new nameservers, complete the following steps;

1Log in to your Webcentral account
2Click Edit DNS next to the domain you want to make changes to
3From here select Domain Delegation
4Add a new name server by typing in the hostname of the new server in the text boxes and clicking Update

How do I create my own name servers for my domain?

To create a new hostname server on your domain name; for example,

1Log in to your Webcentral account
2Click Edit DNS next to the domain you want to make changes to
3.From here select Domain Delegation
4.At the bottom of the page click Create a new Host record [+]
5.At the bottom of this page, you can create new hosts (as per the above screenshot) or modify the ones you have previously created.

How do I delegate my domain name?

Please refer to, "How do I change the name servers for my domain?" above.

What is propagation?

Propagation is the term used when any record attached to your domain, whether it be a zone or name server record, is updated and requires the new entry to be updated globally.

For example: If you were changing hosting companies after you changed the name servers for the domain, it would take up to 4 hours to see the new hosting take effect, "4 hours" being the propagation period.

How do I redirect my domain name to my website?

To redirect your domain name to your website, your hosting company should provide you with “name servers” (sometimes also called DNS records), which are two (or more) addresses that are used to link your domain name with your hosting. Once you have these, follow the name server changes above.

If you want to redirect your domain name to an existing website address, you will need to purchase the Domain Manager product, which will allow you to use our redirection services.

If your hosting company provides you with an IP address (they may also call this an "A" record), you can use our Zone Manager service, to point your domain to the IP address supplied by your hosting provider. Domains registered with Webcentral come with ten free zone edits per year free of charge. If you need to make additional edits, you can also upgrade to the Domain Manager.

If you require more than ten edits to a parked domain, you will need to purchase Domain Manager to gain additional changes to the A, CNAME, or MX records for your domain. For instructions on managing zone records, please see our Zone Management article here.

How do I get email addresses?

If you have not yet purchased a website hosting service with Webcentral, we offer email services independent of our hosting packages such as Microsoft 365.

How do I change my domain name?

It is not possible to change the registration of a domain from one name to another. If you want a new domain name, you will need to register it separately and let your old name expire.

How do I renew my domain name?

Please see the full details on the renewal procedures in the Domain registration renewal article.

How do I change NIC handles (contacts)

To learn how to change your NIC handles, click here.

*Registrant Contact Handles (NIC Handles) - an explanation**

A NIC handle (Network Information Centre handle) is a generated reference attached to a list of contact information that can be assigned to the domain's specific contact types. For more information on changing contact details please review the Updating NIC Handles article. Please note that changing the NIC handle will only change the contact details for the domain name, not for your account.

Registrant, admin, billing, and technical contact information

If you want to change the contact information for the Owner/Registrant, Admin, Billing, and Technical Administrator on your domain name, follow the instructions below:

Note: While Webcentral offers the ability to modify domain name WHOIS Billing and Technical contacts, we only do so because of our obligation as a globally accredited registrar. We don't send bills to the billing contact. We don't send technical emails to the technical contact. We don't send anything other than statutory notifications to the registrant (or domain name owner). All information is always sent to the person listed as the current contact for that domain name. If you wish to update the current contact details, please follow the steps outlined below:

1Log in to your Webcentral account
2Click on Manage to the domain you wish to update
3Locate and click on the Domain Name icon
4.In the section marked Domain Contacts you can edit information about the registrant (owner), admin, billing, and technical contact

How to cancel a domain name

To cancel a domain name please refer to How to Cancel Domain name Article.