Anti-virus solutions

We run an automated monthly anti-virus scan on customers website hosting accounts. If any malware or viruses are found during a scan, the owner is notified immediately and the related subscription is suspended. If no action is taken regarding the notification, the subscription is suspended and a second notification is sent to the account owner. This suspension is necessary in order to prevent the malicious files from negatively impacting our shared hosting infrastructure.

Upon request, our staff are able to organise for an anti-virus scan to be run on specific hosting accounts and for an email to be sent to customers with the results.

Email anti-virus scanning on Cloud Hosting

Upon the creation of a Cloud Hosting email account, a live anti-virus scanning system is activated by default as part of the AntiSpam software. This can be enabled/disabled by clicking here for instructions.

Email anti-virus scanning on cPanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting emails do not have live anti-virus scanning but all emails hosted on the server can be scanned manually from within the cPanel interface.

  1. Log into the Console
  2. Click the domain you want to manage
  3. Click cPanel
  4. Click [Manage Account (opens a new window)]
  5. Click the Virus Scanner icon
  6. Select the Scan Mail radio option
  7. Click [Scan Now]