Troubleshooting Yosemite Apple Mail Upgrade Issues

There have been issues with the latest update to Apple Mail program, Yosemite, which is causing issues with customer accounts, resulting in the program itself breaking or locking users out.

The instructions below should help with customers struggling to connect to their email servers through Yosemite Apple Mail:

  1. Start by closing Apple Mail
  2. Check that you’re using the correct username and password by logging into Webmail (webmail.yourdomain.tld)
  3. You will need to remove the SMTP (outgoing mail server) password from your Keychain, to do this:
  4. Go to Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain Access
  5. In the Keychain search bar enter the name of your SMTP server
    For Cloud this would most likely be smtp.yourdomain.tld or
    For cPanel this is mail.yourdomain.tld or possibly search for the phrase
  6. Delete all of the relevant password entries for your SMTP server(s)
  7. Open Apple Mail again, click on Preferences -> Accounts, select your email account
  8. Select your SMTP server from the Edit SMTP Servers list, and re-enter the password(s) you've just deleted
  9. If this doesn't work, backup a copy of your emails
  10. Go to Preferences > Accounts, delete the account, including the SMTP (Outgoing) server
  11. Follow this article to set up your email account again
  12. Please don't hesitate to support if you have any further issues.