Microsoft Surface email setup tutorial

Before you can configure email software to send and receive emails from our servers, you must

  1. Purchase a cPanel or Cloud hosting subscription service.
  2. Create an email account on our cPanel or Cloud hosting servers.
  3. Ensure you have your incoming, outgoing, username and password details ready to go

Once you have done this, you can configure your email software to connect to the email account you created on our servers.

Note: As a courtesy to our customers, we provide online tutorials on how to configure various email software. Our staff, however, are not able to provide support on how to use the Microsoft Surface tablet or its Mail application. For further assistance in using Mail please visit Microsoft's Surface support pages.

Setup an email account on the Microsoft Surface website tutorial

  1. Open Mail
  2. Perform a left slide by putting your finger at the edge of the right hand side of the screen and slide it towards your left
  3. Tap Settings
  4. Tap Accounts
  5. Tap Add an account
  6. Tap Other account
  7. Tap IMAP
  8. Tap Connect
  9. Tap Show more details
  10. Fill in the following details:

Email Address/Username: The email address you are sending email from.
Password: The password used for this email account.
Incoming (IMAP) email server:, where is your domain name. Set the port to 143.
Incoming server requires SSL: Unselected
Outgoing (SMTP) email server:, where is your domain name. Set the port to 587.
Outgoing server requires SSL: Unselected
Outgoing sever requires authentication: Selected.
Use the same username and password to send and receive mail: Selected
11. Tap Connect