cPanel resource usage and CloudLinux

What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux is a commercially supported Linux operating system interchangeable with CentOS. It includes kernel level technology called LVE that allows you to control CPU and memory on a per tenant bases. It is a basis for application-level virtualisation. CloudLinux delivers advanced resource management, better security, and performance optimizations specifically targeted to multi-tenant hosting environments. This improved performance helps hosting service providers and data centers provide better support to their customers, reduces churn, and saves money. For more information on CloudLinux click this link

How does CloudLinux assist us in managing server resource usage?

Hosting accounts that are overusing (a.k.a. abusing) server resources will find their service automatically suspended, which reduces the overall effects of resource abuse on customers. This is achieved through _rate limiting, whereby a website approaching its individual usage limit will cause an impact on the speed of the site. When the total number of entry processes (apache/HTTP requests) for the account reaches the limit, website visitors will experience an error message “503 Service Unavailable”, indicating that the account has exceeded its resource allocation.

When the website falls back beneath its limit, the site will resume functioning as normal. With the majority of resource abuse on cPanel coming from hacked or illegitimate websites, this update will prevent service availability problems for maintained legitimate customer websites.

Will this change cause limitations to legitimate websites?

It is possible that a legitimate website may experience limitations due to the service being hacked. If you experience a “503 Service Unavailable” error, you should contact Webcentral support to see if your website has been hacked and to discuss how to fix it if it has been.

Checking your current resource usage

Customers can determine their website resource status by monitoring their cPanel logs. Under the Metrics heading in cPanel, you will find Resource Usage. Clicking on this and reviewing the percentages of each resource used will give a clear indication of whether the website is abusing resources. In this same section, cPanel will offer advice on what steps to take to correct potential issues causing the resource abuse. To access Resource Usage in cPanel:

  1. Log in to cPanel
  2. Click Resource Usage, under the Metrics heading
  3. Click Current Usage


  1. You can use the two drop-down menus, Timeframe and Time Unit, to filter the results