Create an addon domain

Add-on domains allow users to manage multiple domains under one hosting account. Setting up an add-on domain creates a new folder within the /public_html directory of the main hosting account and a new FTP username and password. Site owners can upload their secondary website into the newly created folder as well as create email addresses for the additional domain within cPanel.

In the backend, an Apache server alias is created to serve the new website hostname contents from the newly created folder. This allows webmasters to use a single hosting account for several different websites, and/or have multiple domains display the same site.

Add-on domains are only available on our cPanel Hosting plans, if you are a Cloud Hosting customer and wish to switch your website over to cPanel Hosting, please review our Migrating websites from Cloud to cPanel article for details.

How to set up an Addon Domain

1. Point your add-on domain to the cPanel name servers as per your primary domain
Note: Please keep in mind that this DNS change can take up to 4 hrs to be recognised and take effect globally (Click here for more information on the DNS Propagation period)

2. Log into cPanel

3. Click the icon Addon Domains icons

User-added image
4. Enter your New Domain Name

5. Subdomain field will be automatically filled and the New Addon domain will be the Subdomain

6. The Document Root is where the files of your website will be kept on the server. By default, this is /public_html/your-addon-domain.tld

7. If you wish to Create an FTP account associated with this Addon Domain please tick the box on the left

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