Add a page to your navigation bar

You can easily add a page to the navigation in the header. There are three ways of doing it.

Add page to navigation during page creation

When you create a new page, you have an option to add it to the navigation header. Simply choose a Display in navigation option when creating a new page:

Adding page to nav bar.png
Click Submit to confirm the changes. The link to the page will appear on the navigation menu.

Add page to navigation in Page Settings

You can also add a page to navigation in Page Settings. Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to the Pages menu and select the page you want to add to the navigation.
  2. Click on the "gear" Page Settings icon.
  3. Choose the option Display in navigation.

Another way to add a page to the nav bar.png
The page will now appear in the navigation menu in the site header.

Add a page in Navigation settings

1. Go to the header area to activate the Navigation settings menu. Navigation settings.png

2. Click on the + button to open a New Item menu.

3. In Click action, choose to Open a page and then select the page you want to be added to the top navigation menu from the drop-down list.

Customise click action.png

4. Click Submit and then Publish to make changes live.

Note: When you update the navigation menu, the changes are visible on all pages of your website.